Sunday, May 25, 2003

It has been a long time since I blogged, but that is because my dreams haven't really been happening. I don't know why this is. But last night was really great. It started (as far as I can remember) with me being on a plane from Europe. Now, I wanted to come home, but ended up going to "Montenegro" which was really Madagascar. So I get off the plane in a weird "airport" and found out that I was going home by way of China. So I called M. and said "I'm in Montenegro and I want to come home, but they are making me go through China" and she said "That's ok, just come home". So by making the phone call I almost missed my flight, but it all worked out. Then somehow, I'm listening to these two women play music. They each have a regular sized head, very little arms and these weird caterpillar bodies made of stuffed calico fabric. They are singing and playing ukeleles. One woman is old and rough looking, but somehow I know that she is in the hipster scene here; the other woman is Edith Massey, the weird fat lady from the John Waters movies. They are singing a song callled "Hells Bells" while playing their ukeleles. Then, in the sections of their quilted caterpillar bodies they have little portholes and there are people's heads coming out of them. At some point, the hip one stops playing and boobs come out of Edith Massey's portholes and the hip one starts sucking one of them. Then I'm in a high school cafeteria wiping down tables telling these snotty brats about how chemicals and plastic are realted, but they don't want to listen. Then I'm in a tent in a field trying to have a picnic with M. while these watchtowers on a mountain are being set on fire by the army and they are coming with guns down the mountain. That's about all I remember. Very weird. Last week I had a dream that at my doctor's visit (scheduled for this week) a woman doctor was doing weird tests and I said "you aren't my doctor, I'm not here to see you or to do these tests, I want my doctor" and she said that my doctor couldn't be there, he cancelled and she was seeing me instead. To this I replied "oh no you are not" and I left. The day after the night of the dream my doctor's office called to cancel my appointment and reschedule. My doctor is very into the mind-body connection and I think that I picked up a psychic wave that he was going to cancel. Crazy, huh? I'm going to tell him when I see him, I think he'll understand.

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Ehole, I've been lazy about writing! I've been having lots of dreams about sharks, although last night I didn't really dream about anything since I was up late doing psychological battle with some mosquitos. I ended up taking a benadryl at 130am because I was near the end of my rope. That meant that all day I was tired and drowsy, which has made for a long day. I can't believe the sun is still so high in the sky, when all I really want to do is go to bed. Not much other news. The three cats are still hanging out in the backyard and they have been really sweet lately. I'm on a high fiber kick because I was having some GI problems, and the dietary change seems to be helping a lot. I'm taking a four day Spanish workshop for medical Spanish and it's really good. I'm learning a lot and feel like a lot of loose ends are getting tied up. I feel like I don't have much to add since I'm not 100%, but I wanted to write something. I did just read about the rock climber who cut his own hand off to save his life. Really an unbelievable story, but true. It was on the AP wire, so I believe it really happened. Maybe I'll have exciting news soon.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Well, the test is over and done, thus the class is over and done. I ended up doing it pass/fail to preserve my mental health. I think I did better than a c, but I just didn't want to have to worry about it. Now I have no excuse and need to focus in on what I am doing. I'm going to see my mom today and spend the night at her hotel. It should be fun to see some sights tomorrow. My blogging material of choice (dreams) just haven't been that interesting lately. I've been too distracted by life to relax in my dreams (this is my theory anyway). Maybe everything is too cluttered and chaotic here to really get into deep sleep. I've been really tired lately, maybe I'm not having REM sleep. About a week ago I woke up before M. and watched her have REM, it was so weird! One funny thing I heard lately was between these two homeless guys, one of whom hangs out on a nearby corner. His name is Larry and he and this other guy were talking about how the other guy had gotten arrested for public defecation. Larry says "man, that's fucked up! It wasn't even your shit!" And the other guy was like, "hey I know!" It was funny. For some unrelated news, M and I went to this place that has veggie cheesesteaks that are so good. The counter guy had on the world series of poker, and there was this guy who should have been in a david lynch movie about vegas. He had on dark sunglasses (no one else had on sunglasses, mind you), a weird black and white silk shirt and a pinkie ring. I think I'm going to try to look him up on the internet because he was a fucking trip. We didn't stay to see who won, but they were getting commentary from a guy named Amarillo Slim, which was pretty fucking classic. Vegas. It's such a pit. OK, and as my man says..."you got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away and when to run, you never count your money when you're sittin at the table, there'll be time enough for countin when the dealin's done."

Monday, April 14, 2003

Just another manic monday. Zina brought smoked mackarel, baked potatoes and salad to work. It was really tasty. We had to eat it with latex gloves on because they fish is really oily and the oil gets on everything and stinks. It was quite a sight. I just finished troubleshooting all these class lectures that I hadn't printed out yet. I think that I am, in a word, fucked. The test is Wednesday night and once again I'm studying at the last minute. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Why do I do this? It's like my room, or the dishes, or the laundry. At least I pay bills on time. Anyway, it's stupid and I wish I had started earlier, oh yeah and not missed two classes. So I'm going to go study now. Bye, and wish me luck.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Today I had lunch with my grandmother and aunt and uncle. It was nice to see them, we went to see some art at a museum that had a video installation that was way too much. And the museum was so industrial that you couldn't get away from the noise. It's weird how different my mom's family are from my dad's family. My mom's family don't laugh and joke, they are way too serious. My dad's family are often joking and teasing each other. I had a good chat with my dad today, he's by himself while my mom is away on business. We talked a long time about the radio and what good shows are on. I told him about this american life and he really wanted me to listen to cspan radio. I didn't say we have the same tastes, but we do enjoy each other. I finished with the cleaning solvents today, cleaned up the shower curtain. I also figured out that the cats have a cat house that was put together for them by the landlord. It's got a little carpet and a wind guard and cover and everything. It's so great! I love those cats. I'm going to start to write a story, but it's not ready yet. I'm a little disorganized today, but stay tuned.

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Ha! I conquered the kitchen mess! Of course, I got completely high sniffing pinesol, but it's the price you have to pay to be a good American. It rained here today, which is unusual, especially with thunder and lightnin'. I walked to the weird big box outside mall that's in my neighborhood. I hate it but I go there. You know safeway, office depot, ross, petco, blockbuster, I could scream! I go for safeway and the post office. I also go for the peet's coffee because they make a crazy frappefrappe drink that must have some crack or something in it because I can't stop. Even though it was really, really cold and wet, I was all like, gimme some of that frozen shit! Not really, I had a hot coffee and bought about a gallon of generic pinesol at a decent price. I also got curry sauce mix, new potatoes, broccolli and veggie chicken nuggets so I could recreate the german cafeteria meal that I've been meaning to make since we got back. I also got to hear two hours of this American life which is just the best fucking show anywhere. It's almost too good to be true. It's basically an audio zine, which only serves to enflame my guilt that I've wanted to write my own zine for many years and it's never happened. I guess this is a zine, but not really how I want "my zine" to be. Don't breathe in, I just let out some gas. Anyway, I sniffed cleaning solvents, made a great lunch, got soaked in a rainstorm, had an icecreamcone to celebrate my cleaning and got in trouble for not putting the extra cones back in the box even though I was going to do it as soon as both hands were free (you know, after I finished the cone). Some very hard bug just hurled himself at the window, weird. If anyone actually reads this, check out for some extremely weird non-verbal communications on how to protect yourselves in case of a whole array of horrors. The illustration of a radiation accident over Texas puts me in a difficult situation emotionally; while radiation in texas would hurt people, as a symbol it seems appropriate. You know the asshole president, dallas, death penalty insanity, and frankly Houston does take years off your life if you happen to go there. Check it out and get back to me. Just esp me, ok.

Friday, April 11, 2003

Today I had off, slept late, got coffee and bagels with M., drank a large coffee and half of her medium coffee and...did nothing all morning. Ahhh. Bliss. Anyway, my dream last night wasn't so much to make it worth writing about. Last night, watched Microcosmos and M. tried to put on my SARS face mask and managed to flip the edge up underneath her eyelids. We missed about 15 minutes of the movie trying to make her eyes feel better. Today, we went and had Vietnamese food for lunch since it was her last day at work. She got some awesome wild style adidas and we fixed this old bike I had under the front stairs. I got it when I first moved here. I was coming home from an evening shift and I got off the bus. It was about 12 midnight. I was waiting for my transfer bus and this guy asks if I want to buy a bike. I had 7 dollars, some change, a subway ticket with hardly anything on it and my "late night special" bus transfer. He accepted this in trade for the bike (note: probably a stolen bike; M. says "definately" a stolen bike). He warned me that the front tire needed to be bolted on and that the brakes didn't really work. I rode home on the sidewalk and later rode over to M's house on the bike. When I lifted up the bike to bring it up the stairs, the front wheel fell off and she said "I cannot believe that you rode this fucking bike over here", it was funny. I fixed the front tire then, but today M and I fixed the brakes and she oiled the chain so that she can have a kick-around bike that is less likely to get stolen than her mountain bike. She put air in the tires and we rode to the grocery store. It was a lot of fun. We brought the bike in and I was reading on the couch when the back wheel's tube exploded. Whoa, I was scared shitless it was so loud! We got some blue cheese and red wine and bread and watched a documentary about Nubians. Sudan is the largest country in Africa, you know. I'm getting tired, even though I didn't really do anything today. I just had a crazy realization: the front tire (which is different than the back tire) wasn't bolted on because that's probably how he stole the bike. The bike was chained with its original front tire, so he took the bike and left the tire, and then got the new front tire from somewhere else. He looked like a crack head. Buying the bike wasn't ethical, since it financially rewarded him from taking something from someone. At the time, I did believe it was his bike. I'm not generally unethical, it was a lapse. It's an old bike now and it does have a good home. I'm going to go beat myself up now...not really. OK, time to dance with mr. sleepy.